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 priest disc/rogue set up

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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 10 Avr - 11:53
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 10 Avr - 12:04
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 10 Avr - 13:04

Advanced tactics i learnt when at >2200 before 2.3, when i had fearward and could swd outta sheep, and stoneform blind (i.e we got owned by back to back undead mage/rogue teams, and turned emo Razz)

1.Try to back up against a wall (lure him into it), on the far edge of an arena so their healer cant los mana burns (force him into open)

2. Priest should be extremely aggressive from the start with mana burns when you are AR/prep

3. Dont wait for 10% mana before trying to sneak drinks, load up with renew shield pom, or you pop evasion etc...he runs and gets a couple ticks of drinks.

4. Good lock/druids will kite you forever, whilst the pet slowly kills you in 20 mins /sigh....chastise (after 2.3), mindcontrol, even blind lock, so rogue can catch up with him, if you manage to stay on the lock, you'll win the mana war. Shiv cripple the pet when you go past it, to allow your priest to drink a couple ticks.

5. On BE arena, against rogue waits beneath bridge, warrior chases/charges me below, and then rogue stunlocks warr, so you can get away to the top of the bridge, where you can avoid target switches onto you, drink in safety etc.

Also for war/pala, try and gouge/ks restealth at all times and pillar kite inbetween cooldowns, give ur priest as much time as possible to burn. If warr intercpets to priest, bring him back onto the rogue.

6. Against double dps, priest should add dps himself whereever possible, time your clos, and evasion/vanish etc, for when priest is cc'ed.

7.Against good war/druid you're %!#!ed....but ive won a couple by full out nuke (both of you) on warr, before druid is settled. Fear/blind druid asap.....its your only chance.

8. Junk buffs, rank 1 renew/shield when being spam dispelled, and wastes felhunters mana.

I was 28/33, and rogue was full combat...but with 2.3, purely 2v2 spec, you should go disc (with good gear), and ar/prep....because it helps against your counters, whilst making you stronger against double dps teams....

You only lose out in pure outlast games with other priest/rogues...which you should avoid (nail their priest with dual evasion up, and dispel spam), or burn priest asap, your ar/prep should force him to stand still healing, susceptible to burns. Dispel enemy shield/renews....and use your sprint to switch to priest for 15 secs, keeping him in combat, forcing mana waste of extra shields, and locking him down for manaburns....then back on rogue.

Dunno why i bothered to type this, but hey, its xmas soon Razz

Have fun
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 10 Avr - 13:08

playing at 2344 rating 2v2 with rogue (im a discipline specced priest) and played that setup for 2 seasons now i feel like i can contribute to this thread a bit.

First of all, the priest shouldnt be 28/33, but 46/15 disc or something close to that, depending on personal prefferences.

btw, fear ward goes to the rogue - always!

Warrior + Druid
Priest solos the warrior until the druid has to pop out and heal the warrior. Rogue is in stealth until druid pops up, rogue does NOT assist on dpsing the warrior. As soon as resto druid is out and healing the warrior, the rogue goes on druid (dont use sprint u will need it to avoid getting kited later) and then priest goes for druid aswell.
Warrior will attempt to harmstring the priest and rogue while trying to kill the rogue but with 2x evasion their druid should be dead before ur rogue.
Priest should save power infusion for nuking the druid, and dispel-spam the druid since abolish poison removed wound poison and crippling poison.
Rating: hard fight if the warrior gets mace-stuns procs at the wrong times so druid slips away, but its doable.

Warlock + Healer (any)
nuke the warlock while dispelling him, the priest must make their healer spend his trinket in the beginning (use a fear), and then 30 seconds later, fear the healer again, pop Power Infusion and help on nuking, the warlock should be dead before he gets more healing.
Rating: quite easy

Mage + Rogue
You go for their rogue, their rogue and their mage will attempt to get to your priest if they got brains. The priest must use pillars to avoid getting sheeped (get sheeped more than once and u have lost the game basically).
Priest behind pillars keeping the rogue up. You (rogue) kill their rogue and dont change targets for the mage, you need to keep their rogue stunned so he dont stun ur priest. if he stuns ur priest then the mage can get in line of sight to sheep priest, and then they change targets back to you (rogue) and then u die.
rating: hard if priest dont know how to use Line of Sight properly.

Healer Priest + Rogue
Your priest must Dispel fear ward first of all, dont waste 30 seconds cous u forgot they have it. Make rogue spend trinket on a fear. Once he has done that, blind the rogue, and sprint to their priest. Now your priest must manaburn their priest as much as possible while he is stunned and cant move away. Use Power Infusion cous then u manaburn 20% more mana every cast.
The first priest to go oom has lost the match for his team.
Stunlock their priest and manaburn him -> win.
Rating: depends if they do the same :p

Shadowpriest + Rogue
they will go for your priest. The shadowpriest will be spam-dispelling your priest while rogue !*!%s ur priest up totally. this team can own u in 2 seconds if u dont know what ur doing. You need to go on their shadowpriest as quickly as possible, dont let them get the first opener. THe shadowpriest must not be able to dispel your priest. When their shadowpriest is stunned, ur priest runs forth and dispels him, then runs out of line of sight of their priest again while keeping renew/shield/pom up on himself (their rogue will come anytime).
If their rogue instead assists his priest and goes for you (rogue), then ur priest must come forth, dispel shadowpriest abit more, shield the rogue and pop up renew etc to keep him going until their shadowpriest is dead.
If the rogue dont assist his priest, and goes for your priest, then you will be able to kill thier shadowpriest before their rogue can kill your discipline priest, so no worries there.
If in the beginning you (rogue) gets sapped by their rogue, and both shadowpriest and rogue nukes ur priest forcing u to trinket sap followed by a blind, then u've lost the game ofc.
Rating: if u get sapped in the start, then u lose. If u get the opener on their shadowpriest before their rogues opens on ur priest, then u have a pretty good shot at winning.

Rogue goes for Paladin straight away, priest runs after paladin and "hugs" close to him all the time. As soon as paladins stuns the rogue (followed by Blessing of Freedom ussually) ur priest must fear their paladin, and then dispel him until blessing of freedom is off again, then rogue sprints back to the paladin and continue to deal dmg. Priest can assist on dmg'ing at this stage. Dispel Bubble within 1 second and you win. The paladin should _NOT_ be able to get off a single non-holy-shock heal while the rogue is on him. so he will go down quick.
rating: lock down paladin properly and hope not to get too many mace-stuns from the warrior - then it should be doable without too much drama.

edit: PS: power word priest is coming out soon i promise :-)
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 10 Avr - 13:10

I've been playing this combo for the last 3 weeks before s3 with a rogue, got 2305 rating in the proccess. Stopped there due to very long queues in Blackout battlegroup. I will have to say that, for the most part, the gnome's annalisys is right, mostly the same thing we do. As a special note, my rogue goes in in full PVE gear (4/5 T6, cursed vision of sargeras, etc), while my gear is full pvp (499 resilience, 11k hp, 1420 healing unbuffed). After testing with both kinds of gear on for the rogue (both pve and pvp), we agreed it's more effective like this, due to the insane dps output she brings to the team.

Druid + Warrior
Exactly as the she said. Even with the given tactic, it's still a very hard fight, due to abnormal mace stun effect proc and the piercing howl spam, that will work on rogue regardless of your evasion.

Warlock + healer
There are some small differences depending on healer, but the basic ideas are to dispel the fel armor immediately, have the fear ward on the rogue, and have the rogue go for the warlock. Now the small gameplay differences come depending on the healer but mostly, the rogue will have to max dmg the lock and interrupt any casts he can, while the priest mostly pillars the mana drain from the lock, but also tries to mana burn the lock's healer. If the lock's healer is:
a) paladin: easiest fight for you, just remove the bop asap.
b) shaman: remove heroism from both of them, very easy fight otherwise, since shaman's healing isn't very mana efficient by itself, let alone with some mana burns.
c) priest: easy fight, you don't even need to mana burn for a while, just pillar the priest's mana burns. Due to the rogue damage output being about 3-4 times higher then the lock's in the given situation, guess who runs oom faster. Ofc, the moment the priest is healing, you pop up and mana burn him too, "help" him get oom faster.
d) druid: moderate difficulty if they are awsomly good, because of the ability to cc your rogue and the fact druid can pillar mana burns easily and his mana efficiency is insane, but mostly you should be able to mana burn him as well.
Also, with any healer the lock would be, pop power infusion and help dps is very good, just makes it harder for the healer.

Paladin + Warrior
We do this fight radically different then Kokuskompas. We don't go for the pala, but instead go for the warrior, allout dps him. My rogue always manages to keep him off me and deals insane amount of dmg to the warr, which forces the pala out from any hiding places in the open to cast heals. This is the proper time to mana burn him. I am also helping him dps the war with starshards + sw:p. Also CC'ing the pala when available is great. He will probably trinklet the 1st fear and bubble the blind / second fear. Mass dispel the bubble and fear him again when rdy, and the warrior should be dead by then. The way to survive the 1st 30 seconds is quite easy: 2x evasion for rogue (30 second total) + stuns + pain supression if needed + shields (lower rage gain), or my gear + focused will + pain surpession + shield + pom + renew + elune's grace for me, while war gets slowed and stunned. Always dispel the bof and the bop immediately from the warrior.
Overall, easy fight, unless one of you makes bad mistakes or they get insanely lucky with mace stuns.

Mage + Rogue
At start, I go for the mage (dispel him + dot him up + attempt to mana burn him). The longer they wait, the worst for them since they can't heal, so any damage delt is well delt. As soon as the rogue comes up on me, my rogue comes up on him. Mage dps against priests is quite ridiculous as far as i've seen, and the rogue gets stunlocked + feared if he trinklets any stun. Have the priest remove the sheeps from the rogue. If they decide to swap targets and sheep the priest, try to los out the sheep cast, while healing the rogue with instants. Don't be shy to pain supress the rogue. Also, you can watch the mage casting sheep and shadow word death the rogue just when the cast is almost complete. The effects will come as follows: sw:d hits for damage; priest is affected by polymorph; sw:d damages the priest since target didnt die as a result of it's damage => poly is removed. Even if he manages to sheep you again, diminishing returns have been trigered. Usage of trinklet just before that ensures the 3rd sheep is a 2.5 second sheep, making it impossible for your rogue to die.
Ofc, do not hesitate to seize the opportunity to jump the rogue if you see him.
Overall, very easy fight imo.

Warlock + Rogue
This one is a hard fight, because, unlike the mage fight which is cake easy, the warlock isn't suffering a lot from mana burn, and I have to pop cooldowns in order to have a chance against him 1v1, which even that isn't full proof (I am talking about very good warlocks). As a result, we do a different tactic: my rogue will jump the warlock, I pop PI and dps him as well. If they go for me, then the fight is won for us. My rogue drops warlocks in seconds, while I die very hard to rogues. The problem only occurs if they go for my rogue. Then, the trick is to pain supress him + instants (shield pom renew), and run in and fear both (they should be in range since your rogue jumped the lock and his rogue jumped your rogue). They will trinklet out of the fear (or lose the lock), at which point your rogue blinds the enemy rogue (when out of stuns). Now, he cannot remove the blind. Now your rogue sprints after the lock who just got away and starts killing him. Your priest should just moderately dps the lock now, but watch until there are about 4 seconds left of the blind. Casting a holy spell helps in hope it gets spell locked during this time. When there are between 3 and 4 seconds left of the blind, mind control the rogue, holding him still for again quite some time. During this, the lock should be dead and the fight won. The main problem occurs when the rogue and the lock are both undead, for which situation we only managed to have a 50% win rate, since it's a luck dependent thing if the lock will die before my rogue dies.
Ofc, if you manage that, seize the opportunity to sap the rogue.
Rating: moderate if rogue isn't ud, hard if rogue is ud.

Mage + Warlock
Well, it's just a matter of how well the priest can avoid being cc'd while still dispelling all your novas and keeping you up in the same time, and a matter of how long until you can kill a warlock. If the warlock is dead, the game is won regardless if you die as well or not.

Shadow Priest + Warlock
What we do against them is go for the warlock. The fear ward + all the buffs from me on the rogue, and silent resolve, make it quite a while until they can dispel that. Remove the lock's buffs as well, then keep the rogue up and u win. Also kite the eventual mana burns. Pain supression helps when you think they got their burst ready. Cloak of shadows when your priest gets silenced (which will happen). You can even CoS + Vanish if they get some nice control on priest, but overall lock should die fast, at which point the fight is won.

Shadow Priest + Rogue
Kill the shadow priest. If they go for you, they got no chance at all. If they go for your priest, they can win if they spam dispel properly, but overall, with you on the SP, he shouldn't be able to do much and a disc priest should live longer then a shadow priest. Ofc your own priest can los out from the sp, leaving just the rogue on him. It's fine if you treat this fight as 2 separate 1v1's. Also tell him not to fear the rogue immediately, first remove his fear ward.

Rogue + Healer
Priest: go for priest, enemy rogue should go for your priest. Interrupt as many mana burns as you can. It's a rushdown battle, of which rogue is better at dpsing. If the enemy rogue goes for you keep staying on the priest and allow your priest to mana burn him. Also you can use CC on rogue (blind + priest fear - as long as his fw was dispelled previously).
Shaman: go for rogue, allow your priest to mana burn the shaman, don't let the enemy rogue breathe. Dispel the heroism.
Paladin: remove the bof / bop. Go for rogue, help priest get away so he can mana burn.
Druid: hardest possible imo. Try to kill the druid, also mana burn whenever possible. If you time your root breakers properly, you should be able to kill the druid before your priest dies. Add to this the priest's dps, as much as he can make. Fear + blind + mind control the rogue off you while you deal with the druid, if he decides to go for you.

Now imo this about covers all the good 2v2 setups you can encounter.
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Lun 14 Avr - 9:39
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Mar 15 Avr - 12:51

corps de bataille:
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Nombre de messages : 1066
Date d'inscription : 19/07/2006

MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   Jeu 31 Juil - 9:47

Personnellement, j'ai toujours focus le mage.

Le truc a retenir c'est qu'il faut bien que ton rogue rush au début, qu'il sap le mage et qu'il dispell le mage pour ne pas se faire sap ! C'est primordial.

Ensuite ton rogue ne doit pas ouvrir le mage en monture... Il doit ouvrir en garrot, kriss (immédiatement après !), normallement le mage risque de tp -> ShS -> KS -> Ice block -> Dispell du pretre et c'est repartis sans iceblock pour 30s.

Jusque là, on a fait comme si il n'y avait pas le rogue, si le rogue adverse focus ton pretre, celui ci doit bien tenir et balancer un fear et prier pour que le rogue trinket. Si celui ci trinket ton rogue doit attendre 5-6s avant de lacher un cécité enchainé a un sap puis a un fear (coordination parfaite requise), il faut bien attendre 5-6 s pour que le CD du pretre soit finis.

Pour le rogue, il ne doit pas lacher le mage ! Il doit absolument tout craquer, kick les sheep (bien faire attention a ne pas kick a 2), vanish sur les nova pour ne pas se prendre 6k + dégats.... Cape d'ombre au bon moment.

Si jamais le rogue adverse focus ton rogue, attention a ne pas se faire surprendre par le burst, ton rogue doit cape d'ombre, non pas pour enlever les nova, mais bien pour ne plus avoir les poisons douloureux !

\!/ Dispell nova du coté du pretre si le rogue focus l'autre rogue ! \!/

C'est le combat le plus technique, le plus stressant, le plus incertain pour Priest - Rogue.

J'ai mis beaucoup de temps a maitriser ce combat :s Mais le jeu en vaut la chandelle ! On a piqués les dernières places de glad a des rogue - mage ^^

Edit : Erf, trompés de perso :-(
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MessageSujet: Re: priest disc/rogue set up   

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priest disc/rogue set up
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